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Happy Endings

Happy Endings

“Happy Endings” is the first CD created by “Jackie’s Music Hunt,” the (con)fusion of Jackie Martling & Frank Vignola, as well as the equally different Rich Zukor, Vinny Raniolo, Joe Ascione, Nancy Sirianni, Svetlana, and most of the crickets on the North Shore of Long Island.

Mixed and licked by Professor Kevin Kelly, under the prominent proboscis and influenced by the expressive passive-aggressive sighs of Richie “Al Jolson” Zukor, the CD grabs at musical styes with a boardinghouse reach. It fingers many and flirts with as many again. You name it, and you should.

All of the words and many of the lyrics were written by Martling as he combed through as many as four chords per song in his quest for melodies.

The songs were created over a thirty year span, many of them in a row. Familiar portions will sound like you’ve heard them before. Sit down, relax, and soon you’ll be tapping your phone.

The autobiographical and hysterical “The Bad, Bad Timin’ In The Monologue Of Life Blues” will have you nodding, the ribald innocence of “And I’m Thinkin’ About You” will have you swerving, “Let The Rain Fall Down” will have you swaying, and “The Fussy Woman Blues” will knock you down.

“And I’m Thinkin’ About You” has already enjoyed the limelight as the theme song for “Jackie’s Joke Hunt,” Martling’s radio show on Sirius Satellite Radio.

Look for many of these songs in the sound tracks of upcoming independent films, and so will they.

The boys hope you love the songs as much as they loved recording them for you. The fun and laughs they had are transmitted in these tunes, and, well, that’s good.

not written by Jackie Martling
Bayville, NY
Feb. 14th, 2007