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Happy Endings

“Happy Endings” is the first CD created by “Jackie’s Music Hunt,” the (con)fusion of Jackie Martling & Frank Vignola, as well as the equally different Rich Zukor, Vinny Raniolo, Joe Ascione, Nancy Sirianni, Svetlana, and most of the crickets on the North Shore of Long Island. Mixed and licked by Professor Kevin Kelly, under the […]

The Wurd Game 100

The Wurd Game for Joke Hunt One Hundred C ( ___ ) bookends of once every twelve months ( ___ ) change number two in quickly & to not eat to this and get what should be a very painful ingredient of Homo Heaven ( ___ ) change the last of three to an i […]

Jackie’s Jokes Just For You

Here’s Jackie, in person, telling you jokes…telling them just for you. hey! a new joke video each time you refresh the page … refresh, refresh … (516) 922-WINE

Stump The Listener 360

Jackie’s Joke Hunt 360 “f-f-f jokes” What’s the best reason to become a Jehovah’s Witness?Why do you get paid more at The Sperm Bank than at The Blood Bank? How do you know if a hippie’s been staying at your house? When do cannibals leave the table? How can you tell it’s a debutante giving […]

Stump The Listener 359

Stump The Listener Jackie’s Joke Hunt 359 – “whorny with a w” Tuesdays, 7-8pm EST, SiriusXM Howard 101 call with your answers! 1-888-STERN 101 [ 1-888-783-7610 ] Stump The Listener 358: Why’d the guy leave his quadriplegic girlfriend? Stump The Listener 358: What do Jewish college girls major in? Stump The Listener 358: Why don’t […]

“Use Your Finger! (516) 922-WINE!” jokes 24/7 [516-922-9463]

free jokes for the Universe since 1979! “Use Your Finger! (516) 922-WINE!” call now!

A Bunch Of Kid’s Jokes

Here’s a few great jokes for kids of all ages! I decided to post a bunch due to the great response to my episode of “The Mommy Show” … Knock, knock… Who’s there? Tank… Tank who? You’re welcome. Knock, knock… Who’s there? Stan… Stan who? Stand back, I’m gonna sneeze. What does a spider have […]

Huffington Post interview

my good pal & legendary comedian John DeBellis interviewed me for Huffington Post Jackie Martling Interview Huffington Post April 2013 Share !

Summer 2011

A new ladder for The Jetty.

Stump The Listener 225, “Splendor In The Ass”

Stump The Listener Jackie’s Joke Hunt 225 “Splendor In The Ass” Why do they call the space between a woman’s asshole and her vagina a driving range? Because that’s where a guy hits his balls. How can you tell if a termite’s gay? He only eats male boxes. What’s the difference between a mussel and […]