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The Rodney Dangerfield Special

Jackie’s Joke Hunt 002 Jackie sold four jokes to Rodney Dangerfield in the Fall of 1978 and an entire world of fun, stories, myths & laughs endlessly ensued. “The Rodney Dangerfield Special” was the second show Jackie & Ian did, number two of a four-show trial run. They got the job and Jackie’s Joke Hunt ran 402 episodes … […]

Jimmy Webb denied Grammy Nomination

from my pal, the legendary singer/songwriter Jimmy Webb: Grammy snub or flub? Jimmy Webb denied Grammy Nomination for “Famous”:”Do What You Gotta Do” Kanye West’s “Famous” is nominated for Grammys for Best Rap Song …and Best Rap/Sung Performance. More than 35% of “Famous” is rooted in my song “Do What You Gotta Do”. There are […]

Election 2016 Fun

Chris Christie gets married and at the reception Donald Trump dances with the bride. And then they dance to a second song, and a third. By the time the fourth song comes along, Christie’s pissed, so he runs up and kicks his bride between the legs. A riot breaks out and all the invited guests […]

Hal Ennis’ Comedy Caravan, 1979

Hal Ennis Presents: Comedy Caravan, 1979 In 1996 I was a guest on the television show Politically Incorrect with host Bill Maher, who I knew from The Comic Strip in New York City way back in 1979, at the very beginning of my stand-up career. I remember we were having a slice of pizza right after we […]

Stump The Listener 359

Stump The Listener Jackie’s Joke Hunt 359 – “whorny with a w” Tuesdays, 7-8pm EST, SiriusXM Howard 101 call with your answers! 1-888-STERN 101 [ 1-888-783-7610 ] Stump The Listener 358: Why’d the guy leave his quadriplegic girlfriend? Stump The Listener 358: What do Jewish college girls major in? Stump The Listener 358: Why don’t […]

Jackie Martling Hosts Gotham Comedy Live

Jackie Martling Hosts Gotham Comedy Live come on out! see Jackie hosting Gotham Comedy Live 10pm Thursday, January 16th Gotham Comedy Club 208 West 23rd St. NY NY 10011 www.axs.tv

Jackie’s CD/DVD

“To Whom It May Concern” is the best love song I’ve ever written … Please sample & order it on Itunes.

A Safe Distance from Genius (2008)

My DVD, A Safe Distance From Genius, is finished, & it’s 140 minutes of great joke fun. You can order directly from me. They’re $20, I’ll give you 3 for $40, and if you order 3 I’ll throw in a copy of Jackie’s Music Hunt, the CD that features the Jackie’s Joke Hunt theme song. […]