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A Safe Distance from Genius (2008)

A Safe Distance from Genius (2008)

My DVD, A Safe Distance From Genius, is finished, & it’s 140 minutes of great joke fun.

You can order directly from me. They’re $20, I’ll give you 3 for $40, and if you order 3 I’ll throw in a copy of Jackie’s Music Hunt, the CD that features the Jackie’s Joke Hunt theme song.

to order, send check or money order (NY’ers please include $2 sales tax per $20) to:

JokeLand Inc.
Box 58
Bayville NY 11709

If you’d like it autographed, just let me know.

The DVD has ninety minutes of jokes in 12 fun chunks, has a page that accesses my favorites on the DVD, 3 long hunks of “Stump The Jokes Man,” and 6 songs, including “And I’m Thinkin’ About You,” our Jackie’s Joke Hunt theme song. Four of the songs are accompanied by a fun slide show of pictures that span my silly life.

They’ll make fun & unique birthday & whatever gifts, & are of course very light and easy to mail. And if you have me autograph it, I’ll have to open it up…so you can take it out and watch it, and then send it to whoever’s getting it. Eh?